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The “Flute” describes the structure of the wave or arch shaped paper medium that makes up the board’s corrugation.


A-Flute is the highest flute size offering excellent cushioning and stacking qualities and short column crush resistance.

32 to 37 flutes/foot – approximately 1/4″ thick when combined with inner and outer liner.


B-Flute has lower arch heights than A and more flutes per foot. This means that the medium contacts and supports the liners at a greater number of points, providing a stiff, flat surface for high quality printing and with excellent crush resistance.

45 to 52 flutes/foot – approximately 1/8″ thick when combined with inner and outer liner.


C-Flute splits the difference between A and B Flutes. It’s thinner than A-flute, thicker than B, and offers good cushioning, stacking and printing properties. C-Flute is by far the most widely used flute size. An estimated 80% of today’s corrugated containers are made of C-Flute board.

39 to 43 flutes/foot – approximately 3/16″ thick when combined with inner and outer liner.


E-Flute has a greater number of flutes per foot which gives it the greatest crush resistance and the flattest surface for high quality printing applications. The thin profile of E-Flute (one-quarter the thickness of A-Flute) reduces bulk and saves storage space.

92 to 98 Flutes/Foot – approximately 1/16″ thick when combined with inner and outer liner.


F-Flute, the most recent, is a little more than half the thickness of E-Flute and is the newest growth segment in the corrugated industry. Developed in Europe, it reduces the total amount of fibre in the packaging and createsa more rigid box. 128 Flutes/Foot – approximately 1/32″ thick when combined with inner and outer liner.

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