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Single Face Sheet

A corrugated medium with a linerboard facing adhered to one side. It can be manufactured in sheets or rolls. Single face is principally used as a wrapping material, and occasionally for interior packing or padding.

Single Wall Corrugated

A corrugated medium with a linerboard facing adhered to both sides. It is also referred to as “Double Face”. This popular and versitile 3-ply construction is converted into a wide variety of containers and packaging components.

  • most popular
  • wide range of strengths

Double Wall Corrugated

Two corrugated mediums with a linerboard facing adhered between them and to both sides. This 5-ply construction is most applicable for packing heavy items where high rigidity and protection is required.

  • made up of B and C Flutes
  • extra padding and strength
  • great for stacking heavy items

Triple Wall Corrugated

Three corrugated mediums and four linerboard facings. This 7-ply construction is used where large container sizes are involved, such as pallet packs.

  • made up of two layers of C Flute and one layer of B Flute
  • very strong and crush resistant
  • excellent for storage and transit

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